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Egg Chicken, Duck, Rabbits, Goose (Vatha), Fancy Chicken, Emu, Turkey, Silky, Guinea, Goats (Malabari, Jamunapyari, Sirohi, Boer, Sanal) etc...
Ansi Goat Farm, a challenging initiation by Mr. P.K. Ali who started this concern four years ago in a very small setup who diverted himself from a fulltime realestate businessman. Firstly he strated the farm in his home with only four breeds of goats brought from Maharashtra, Gujarath, U.P. and Bengal.But because of the weather problems it was a small loss for him. Then he buy Malabari (Give large number of children in one delivery) and Jamunapyari (Give huge amount of milk) types of breeds to his farm realizing the fact that this type of breeds have huge demand in the market and his this decision is a major turning point in the growth of Ansi Goat Farm. Because of the hard work and committment of Mr. P.K. Ali his concern grows into one of the no. 1 farms in Kerala. Now goats with approximately around 100 Kg weight is for ready to sale in this farm. The children crossed between malabari and Jamunapyari is also ready for sale.

Besides goats, the farm also contains Duck, Chicken, Goose, Emu, Turkey etc which are brought up in a succefull and profitable manner. Another one of the major attractions of Ansi Goat Farm is its rabbits of diifferent breeds and varieties. Now around 150 parent rabbits are already present here. Started in an humble mode with only four breeds Ansi Goat Farm has now grown up in to a medium range profitable farm and as per the requirement Mr. Ali along with his friend developed the farm by transfering it in to a 1.5 acre plot at Edathal Panchayath, Aluva.